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One Dollar = One Euro

How will you like the world where one dollar = one euro ?

There are signs that is coming soon – very soon.

As Euro has lost its peg against the Swiss Frank, it may just be that the two dominant global currencies Euro and Dollar will find parity and then perhaps move to peg as well!

That will certainly have far reaching effects on the economic outlook for the next coming decades.


Refugees: Crisis or Opportunity

Image Source: welingelichtekringen.nl

An unprecedented influx of refugees have literally invaded Europe recently.
Coming mostly from the tense spots of the middle east region, these refugees are in younger age brackets with a lot of children and young couples.

My main inquisition is why is it that Europe is welcoming so many in such awkward ways.

Just recently a tiny village of 150 people in Netherlands called Oranje got a major shock when the government decided to place a refugee camp of 700+ people there.

It sounds exceptionally comical that the government would overlook such a major factor of native population and numbers.

This is going on all over Europe mostly in the developed and central regions.

I ask myself why is Europe accommodating so many refugees?
I feel it is all to do with the best answer to Europe’s biggest problem – Age!

Most of Europe is facing a natural degradation of its young population due to less families producing lesser children and most of its people expected to reach old age soon.
Without enough young, Europe faces a major shortage of labor for the next century.
Inviting all these migrants is Europe’s answer to that problem.

It may even make it more competitive as an economic region in this emerging multipolar world where China is giving US and Europe a very hard time.

Supply of cheap and capable labor is the next big economic agenda.
In a unipolar/ bipolar world where US had an undisputed lead, that was not much to be concerned about but now in this multipolar world with US, Europe & China as the market leading economies. This fact is paramount.

Europe is not going under the weight of competition but rather preparing to deploy the tried and tested formula used by US to catapult its economic might.
They have the technology lead, the financial lead and now with a managed supply of labor they will be competitive to use a mix of labor and automation to have a newly empowered economic lead in the new market region called Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The next 50 years will define the shape of a new world in trade and commerce. New methods and new ways of execution.

I feel it’s an opportune time to benefit from this transformational regional transition.


Trade and Development -Netherlands

Trade minister of the Netherlands, talks on the imperative of trade with Pakistan.


See video interview here



Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA)


A free trade area is always a welcome sigh for any economy. It is a form of economic emancipation where economies inclusively operate to provide value at higher levels.
While it has it’s positives there are aspects of increased competitiveness for businesses and a new balance to be sought. A new pivot where market forces find their center and strengths.

In my view this is a welcome sign. The world needs more borderless interactions that are less regulated at the macro level and more driven by the forces of demand and supply at the core. The challenge in the new landscape would indeed be the survivability of lesser lean players who could face a major windfall if they do not change. In time the impact of this will leverage upon the Asian economies as well, more so if this partnership between Europe and US includes increased manufacturing through automation!

As a 46% collective representation of world GDP coupled with the effects of a recently signed free trade deal between Canada and Europe. This entire order of change represents a near 60% global economic momentum.

Now we need to see its consequent effects from Asia.


Image Source: Wikipedia

How to market in a closed space.

Help me find a way to better market this product … ha ha

Perhaps this is one, good one, – anyone can ever come across.
Your Wallet


Commerce, Trade or Business

A lot of people get confused about the merits of the differing terms of commerce, trade and business and use them interchangeably quite often, yet the three terms are entirely different.

Business is the overarching entity that holds within it commerce and trade.
Commerce is the buying and selling part alone. It’s an activity that can be performed not an entity that can be owned.
Trade is also the activity of buying and selling but it refers primarily to the exchange of high value and high quantity and mostly over long distances.
It is also an activity that can be performed not an entity that can be owned.

To own a business is to own an entity that has the capacity to conduct commerce or trade in goods and/or services.