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POD Transportation – Cool Tech

With the coming of age for technology, we now see such unusual transportation solutions that entice our vision for the future.

Introducing POD Transport

Advanced Transportation Ltd – ULTra


Lasers for Fusion Energy.

How about this… the world starts to approach an energy crunch and we have a great new technology right on the platter.

Unveiling this new laster technology that creates fusion energy.


Credit: WIRED

SPACE X – Your Own Private Space

Times are changing indeed, talk about private Space!

A private company now offers options for other companies and nations to be able to utiilize space technology for their own personal motives.

Land your own satellite in the orbit or put a bird in space, whatever your whims may be – if you can afford the price you can spacify yourself.



Pulse – Smart Pen (A truly unique innovation)

This nifty pen is a wonderful gadget, it records all that you write and instantly makes it available on your laptop. It also records audio on the fly and avails many other key control functions.

Very cool tech 🙂


Riding the wind, on land – Land Speed Record

How about that, wind powered land vehicle… humm

Well some one has been up at this for quite some time and perhaps he might just be able to set a record.


How the Telephone System Works – A chirpy description.

If you ever wanted to know how the telephone system works, in a short 1 minute way ?

Here you go.


PC Conference Microphone Speaker

This dandy device is a great for guys on the go with meetings to manage.

These days when people juggle so much over the phone, this is a handy tool to make the talking a little easier.

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