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Revolutionary Change in Business Strategy

This guys speaks of a very relevant change in economics for businesses and their related strategies for survival and growth.

See the video here.


Strategic Patience

Insignificant as it might appear… Yet the thought expressed below should be considered deeply.

Patience is a virtue. It is so because it mainly helps one stay composed and focused to persist. The win is made through persistence not patience, yet to stay persistent requires patience.

Patience varies in its applications and it’s forms. Sometimes it is of a long-term nature and sometimes it is of the short-term nature.
To have it requires a grip on both forms.

Strategic patience has to do with the short-term, because it is about the type of patience one has to exercise when the immediate pressure of a situation becomes extremely agitating and confining.

Having this type of patience means that our focus stays strong and so we persist to win in difficult situations.