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An Open Letter for all Humanity

An Open Letter for all Humanity.

They say that the first time Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi went out to help someone was when he became absolutely appalled at the state of affairs for the poor around him and went on the streets of his neighbourhood and started begging for the people. He wasn’t a rich man, neither was he qualified in the skills of philanthropy or social services, he was not even presentable. I am wondering what people thought when he did that. Surely many must have taken him for a beggar in the real sense and many must have judged that he had ulterior motives at play.

This was a time when a lot of social services organizations existed. There were notable names in the mix too. Yet he went ahead and did this.
Now when I look back. Perhaps if he would not have done that then, it would have been a big mistake.

We would not have seen Edhi the way we see him today. Neither would one of the world’s strongest social services enterprise exist in the history of this country.

The lesson for me is simple:
Small actions propelled by the power of a PURE and SELFLESS VISION create a momentum that few in this world can really comprehend.

This stands true anywhere in the world.

The only problem with visionary ideas of this nature is that they seldom sustain beyond the visionary.
There are numerous examples of high level social enterprise and Edhi is certainly not the only example. But he is the example of our time.

What about the time when he passes on. How strongly will his vision sustain? What moral checks and balances will work after his death to manage his vision. Will passing on the baton of charge from the visionary to his children be enough to sustain the vision. Can vision really be passed on like a legacy?

My belief and conclusion is that it’s not a sure bet that it will be. It can’t been sustained and the fact that so many in the past created such enterprises at various scales, yet when they themselves passed away, the enterprise either gradually transformed into a commercial version of itself or slowly and gradually died out like it’s founder – is enough to draw conclusions from.

Another fact that appeals to my intellect is why did Edhi use his name?
Was it self gratification he seeks or some other aspect underneath.
After all Red Cross is the biggest social services example in the world yet it does not have a name of a person – or does it?
Red Cross – The blood stained  cross of Christ. Right!
It certainly has a derived name, Jesus Christ.

Is it important that social enterprises be driven by names of renown or popular figureheads.
After all the help for humanity is for humanity by humanity.
It does not matter which religion, political association, cast, creed or colour that human appears for help from, as a helping hand or a receiving one.
That distinction does not exist for a true social services enterprise. Yet association seems to do something to propel the ideal.
The association of Jesus propelling Red Cross and the association of Abdul Sattar Edhi propelling Edhi.

In case of Edhi he started with a name that had no legitimacy, no appeal for the common man. Yet in the process of culmination he nurtured that name to take on a life of its own that took its energy from the most humble and sincere character of its founder.

I have a vision too. To create a social services enterprise for the humanity with no distinctions or judgements.
An enterprise that is driven by a name that all can associate with in history and is driven by the morality and principles of his character. A character that is accepted and appreciated by all who dwell in his teachings and wisdom from every walk of life.
An enterprise that is so transparent and self accountable that no one can ever pick a finger upon it and an enterprise so sustainable that it outgrows its pioneers, associates and contributors, several generations ahead.

An enterprise named Mushkil Kusha™ – (Problem Solver™).

As a beggar like Edhi. I am now inviting you all to contribute to this vision. I am standing on the roads of my neighbourhood asking you all to trust me with your money and have faith in your goodness and the possibility of it’s infinite continuity.
This enterprise will be a beacon of hope for all humanity unlike ever seen before. It will sustain itself in a way no social services organization has sustained. It will only die away when God wills it to, yet it will have the power and a spirit that people have not witnessed in their lives.
A pure and transparent system of human cultivation driven by humanity itself.

I want to lay the roots of this system in Pakistan. It’s a good soil for the cultivation of a system of humanity driven by practical  principles of morality endowed in the teachings and life of a guardian of the force of good.

If you wish to contribute please fill in this form http://bit.ly/mushkilkusha and call me.
Contact me at this number: +92 345 20 34 333

Your contribution will be made public on a website soon where it will remain public for as long as God wills.

I am starting by committing 5% of my earnings to this cause on perpetuity.
To know more about who I am and why I have such a drive, please browse through my blog and find out.

God Bless You

An Open Letter to David Marcus, President @ PayPal.

January 16th 2013.

David A. Marcus
2211 North First Street
San Jose,
California 95131

Subject: PayPal for Pakistan

Dear Mr Marcus:

For a little over 10 years now, I have been writing to the President/CEO of PayPal every January asking Why isn’t PayPal available in Pakistan? For 11 years straight, I have never received an official reply. Not once.

Pakistan has been shunned by PayPal for many years now. Unofficial reasoning has been plentiful and speculative at best, so I will not delve into it. My goal here is two folds:

(a). Provide a little bit of statistical information about Pakistan
(b). To help PayPal connect with the right audience (Financial Regulators, Banks, etc.) to enable them to operate here in Pakistan.

Read the full text of the original post by Faisal Khan at this link: