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Re-Thinking Businesses

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An introductory talk given at Rotary on Dec 15, 2010, highlighting my professional experiences and aims for the future.
The talk started with a note of thanks to the members present.


I have been asked for a small talk upon my work and I have a limited time to do that… therefore I will try and keep it as focused as possible.

With a view to this opportunity I asked that it should be titled “Re-Thinking Businesses” for that is what I pursue as a profession for myself.

The book I have put forth for reference towards my ideas is a very acclaimed manifesto written by Mr. Tom Peters in 1982. It is titled, “In Search of Excellence”.
Since then it has been used for value building within innumerable organizations in the United States and now serves as a guideline for businesses the world over.

For my talk, I would like to lay a Thought Foundation by providing my audience with three keywords to keep in mind.

The first is VALUE, the second is VALUE and the third is VALUE!

It is all about VALUE.
Businesses are about VALUE and life is about VALUE.
VALUE is the strongest underpinning that drives our personal and professional ambitions.
VALUE is a commodity and VALUE is a service.
VALUE is what I am happy with when I get it and VALUE is what others are happy with when I provide it.
VALUE is all there is to it!

My professional chronology stems from the year 2000.
It is a span of 10+ years of engagement as a technologist growing into an Analyst.

My studies are grounded in “Management Information Systems” where I acquired some milestones with a number of significant projects over the years.

2001 ~ 2004
An online brokerage system connected with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for a hedge fund brokerage company in Hong Kong, long before online trading was introduced as a main-stream.

2005 ~ 2006
An analytics and statistical evaluation system for a company called BeyondROI, which serves some of the major names in Fortune 500/ 1000.

2006 ~ 2008
I served in a role as project manager for AAA Partnership, a construction projects management company, with some key initiatives for AAA ventures.

2008 ~ 2010
Business Process Re-Engineering, designing Standard Operating Procedures for “Operations & Maintenance” of Multinet Pakistan.
MIS applications developed for OPEX control, along with leading the MIS department itself.

2011 ~ onwards
My aim is to formulate “Mir & Associates” as a major business consultancy, with a portfolio offering of two things… “Business Process Re-Engineering” and “Business Intelligence” for our organizations in most all of the major verticals.


What is Re-Thinking Business all about?
In simple terms – It is about VALUE creation.

It is a method of renewed empowerment of businesses from top to bottom.

Examples of companies that have pursued this internationally and in Pakistan would be…

United States Postal Service
Canadian Post
British Petroleum
Royal Dutch Shell
ING Group
World Bank
The United Nations
US Air Force
Research in Motion
British Airways
American Standards Company
Tetra Pak

In Pakistan… some notable names would be

The State Bank
Engro Group
Fauji Fertilizer
Shell Pakistan

… among the few that I know off!


Tom Peters highlighted some eight points in his book that stand valid for businesses as a guide since 1982.

1. A bias for action, active decision making.
2. Close to the customer.
3. Autonomy & Entrepreneurship.
4. Productivity through People.
5. Hands-on, Value driven.
6. Stick to the knitting. Stay with the business that you know.
7. Simple form, Lean staff.
8. Flexibility with centralized values.

My social services engagements include the initial setup and ground work for Karachi Relief Trust and a stint on water provisioning for the recent floods with a senior from the Acumen Fund.

Thank You.

© 2010. Mir Moiz