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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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A new innovation in Air Travel.
This airship can maneuver like the wing of an airplane. It can land on any reasonably flat surface and lift off without infrastructure, then traveling for days avoiding difficult weather conditions, moving and hauling tones of load.

See the video.


Innovators and Manipulators

If we agree to the fact that the present day challenges lay between the two scales of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Manipulation’ then it should be understood, what defines the competition between them and within each itself.

While capitalism is not about this distinction for it simply focuses on the capacity to capitalize on any given market opportunity.
The world that we face today is more so about manipulation than innovation.
The reason is simple, not everyone can innovate!

In the earliest parts of the industrial revolution some 200 years ago. Innovation feed into the engines of capitalism. Ideas where plenty and every conceivable aspect of life from living it to making it better was being innovated.
That trend continued on into the beginning of 1900. From then on the muscle of massive innovation weakened and manipulation started to manifest which twisted a few ideas and technologies to bring out something new and especially, the field of information technology feed this beast very well. It allowed for a lot of things to become convenient far more than it was ever before and so true innovation got replaced by part-innovation. From that time to the point where the IT bubble bursted and markets consolidated to find equilibrium with reality… Very many things gained stagnation and innovation became a prized possession.
This is also the time when the spotlight, on the need to innovate, increased signifying that there was a visible lack of it!

While all this brought the world from A to Z in a jiffy. It also provided, manipulators with the opportunity they were always seeking.
While innovators have always been far and few in the history of the world. There certainly has never been a shortage of manipulators, in every industry and in every field.

We now live in a time where increasingly innovation is being focused upon because, the continuation of innovation and original thinking is beginning to fall in a worrisome state for the next coming 100 years.

More people in the world does not mean more ideas and new developments. It means more of both… Innovators and Manipulators, with less of the first who are the real problem solvers.

What needs to be seen is how far will the world ride off, of this dissipating wave of past innovations, before it faces a stone wall.
After all every writer experiences a writers block.

We can’t expect more people to mean more innovation because innovation requires not cunning, but in-visioning. In many ways, that is not an education – it’s a gift.


ONE | 3G & 4G to WiFi – Enabling VOIP

ONE | Verizon MiFi to WiFi & Sprint Overdrive 4G to WiFi – Enabling VOIP


Verizon Turns a 3G Cellular Signal Into Wi-Fi


Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless



The Game Change! – CONVERGENCE

Since the 90s, the world has been witnessing a barge of innovative ideas that have quite drastically changed the way we live today.

Telecommunication is ICT’s core element.
Its a mobilizer and an enabler for the very idea of a singular Global Economy.

Now onwards, I will pursue to share some current affairs and idea streams that will highlight upon the new wave of this ICT evolution. An evolution that holds in itself the possibility to turn the canvas on our lives.

My idea streams will be titled – ONE (Originality’s Natural Evolution)


Robotic suit helps paralyzed people walk – Miracle Walker

See the device in action.

POD Transportation – Cool Tech

With the coming of age for technology, we now see such unusual transportation solutions that entice our vision for the future.

Introducing POD Transport

Advanced Transportation Ltd – ULTra


SPACE X – Your Own Private Space

Times are changing indeed, talk about private Space!

A private company now offers options for other companies and nations to be able to utiilize space technology for their own personal motives.

Land your own satellite in the orbit or put a bird in space, whatever your whims may be – if you can afford the price you can spacify yourself.



Human Powered Wonder – World’s Fastest Cyclist Hits 82.3 MPH

82.3 MPH – Now that is something!

At a time when cars are going hybrid, this team of brainiacks come up with a gizmo that moves you at 82.3 MPH using your joggers… coool.


Source: WIRED : http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/09/worlds-fastest.html

Riding the wind, on land – Land Speed Record

How about that, wind powered land vehicle… humm

Well some one has been up at this for quite some time and perhaps he might just be able to set a record.


Super Magnitism – Neodymium

Welcome to a new era of “super magnitism”.

By now a lot many may have worked out that I am a diehard science affecianado.

Among so many wonders that the scientific world has cropped up over the centuries – magnitism is one that has eluded us for a very long time.

Magnetism has answers to a lot of riddles in life for if you ponder hard enough you come to see that it is a riddle of its own.

A long awaited research into this area of science  which I am sure must have been concluded long ago, is only now starting to show it’s new age manifestations.

Take a look at some of the powerful applications of a new breed of magnets called Neodymium.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uAj7_YmW7c&feature=related

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glCNP6qH_Dc&feature=related