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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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If you want to get off Telenor’s offer

These pathetic telecom prize and draw offers are starting to piss me off.
Their greed has no limits it seems.

If you want to get off Telenor’s prize and draw offer use this method:

Send a SMS saying ‘STOP’ to 8999

Pass it on folks on Facebook and all your best modes of crowd justice 🙂


The Extra Bit (A world of ‘isms’)

Socialism, Capitalism and now Consumerism. All these ‘isms’ are major reformers and destroyers. These ‘isms’ are causing chaos in the world and tilting the world scales. Every time these ‘isms’ have taken command they have created tremendous value for some and losses for plenty.

The world tested its merits with the first ism being socialism the next ism came upon the stage as capitalism and now consumerism is taking root across world planes.

I will not delve too much into the merits of socialism or capitalism for I am a firm believer in keeping to the pivot like Switzerland. We just needed a combination of the two with a counter weight of shared morality principles to begin with. Yet it’s unfortunate now the fight for domination by the two ‘isms’ in the first place created such disasters in the past 200 years of our history.

Consumerism is one that I simply do not approve. It is a product of social neglect and capitalistic greed multiplied by infinity. It is idiotic in its nature, has no sense of morality at all and it is driven by an insatiable desire for more and more pleasure. Simply speaking its the prostitution of socialism and capitalism on a global scale – combined. The common denominator being sheer greed for more and more without limits.

I would really love to find out how consumerism started and when it went out of hand. Was there a through research and debates on its approach and merits or it simply sprang out of nowhere like a wild weed.
Consumerism has a fundamental flaw in its makeup.
It’s all made up. Lies and deceit are at the core of its construct and nature is abhorred. Consumerism abhors balance and prudence. It drives humans to consume without rationality and proper thought. It compelled us all to be driven by our impulse rather than by our minds or hearts.

If we as a global union can address the ills of consumerism – I feel we will fix 50% of its problems.

God Bless us All.