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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Two Spirits – One Voice

Tell me how is what this saintly lady says in her acceptance speech any different from Abdul Sattar Edhi’s actions.

One was a women imbued with God’s light and another was a man imbued with the same light.


I urge the Nobel Committee to wake up to this remarkable sign of God with embrace and acknowledgement.

Mother Teresa’s Acceptance Speech Video

This is how we have honored the funeral of our spirit yesterday…




A significant milestone made at SPIEF (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum)

One must look very closely at what just happened in St. Petersburg.

Russia, Kazakistan and Italy !!!

That is not a small thing.
To me it seems that the new age of innovative economies has just been ushered in.

When did you ever hear policy makers talking about technology and the need for information relevance and transformative urgency.

I for sure will be looking closely at this silent – yet massive change.


Would you still complain about your life?

THIS is a mind-blowing story and a vivid example how God can salvage souls.


Video Link

Follow up: What happened next…

Bravo Mr. Ali Chishti. God Bless You.


News in Dawn: Over a day, the life of this man has turned.

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What if GOD was one of us?

Listen: What if GOD was one of us?



Written: 31 August 1996

GOD's WondersWhen the World is going round and round
Peace settles upon the ground
I feel safe – secure with all the love I can find – a life with pleasure all around.

I see the World with a different view… like a mantel that hangs above on the ceiling of move
The motion that settles my heart – peace… a lot!
I feel protected – happy – like a person with a lot of flare.
The light I find above my eyes I cannot catch it but it seems to be there

I do not move when I feel all this… I just know.
I cannot figure it out what it’s all about – I cannot say what this all says but I know that it’s there for me
For my being… for my play!

I think that I just have to live with all this and seek protection from all that’s BAD and HUGE…
Yet I know at the same time that GOD is there for my REFUGE


© 2008. Mir Moiz  

Philosophy – GOD, People, Relations & Expectations.

GOD created expectations perhaps as a way for us to be connected to each other; the strength of one man can be the strength of the other. All that is needed is love and care.

We look at the history during all its times; prehistoric, mid evil, religious times of Judaism, Christianity & Islam. We see all that was needed was for humans to realize each other’s expectations and help strengthen each other in time of need. Moving away from egoistic concerns of money, wealth, power and fame.

I do it for you – You do it for me – We do it for Someone – Someone does it for us

When GOD created the world round he left us a message, by creating rotation…
Night and Day
Rich and Poor
Happy and Sad
Male and Female
Near and Far

The contradiction in life is a symbol of it’s logic.
The only way to achieve fulfillment in any one aspect of life is to CONNECT with the people around.
The glue that connects people together is EXPECTATION.

When people connect they can ensure sustainability of a certain aspect they all appreciate e.g.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting HAPPINESS.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting RICHNESS.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting CLOSENESS.

More over when we connect share and meet expectations for each other – we take away the evil eye and misfortune from our lives.
For the cycle of life created by GOD rewards you when you reward someone.

Give someone and you will be given by someone.
Bless someone and you will be blessed by someone.

Give and take, meeting expectations for the attainment of contentment, happiness and a full-filing life.
Perhaps, when one does all this they get blesses by the Lord.

Ill appreciate constructive opinions to discuss further…


© 2008. Mir Moiz