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How Facebook is Changing Your Internet

Caution: Some subliminal nudity is present.


No FaceBook, rather Face to Face.

I have seen ICT take an upswing right from when the world openly began to learn the word ‘e-mail’.

Those were indeed the times, e-mail was a new age marvel and people were clamoring on to it to find more meaning and substance in their communications. No sooner than later, we were acquainted with the word ‘Spam’ then ‘Malware’ then ‘Spam Filters’ then ‘Internet Security’ then ‘Security’ then ‘Search’ and so now since more than past 10 years Search (having taken on the task of ‘simplifier’) has become synonymous with ‘Google’.

Social Networking emerged as a powerful force that mobilized the capacity to network with a multitude. All sparked by a little know thing called ‘e-mail’ that mutated into a multitude of variants all from IRC, ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo to now emerging more maturely as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

With the advent of all the above the need for ‘Sense’ prevailed and suddenly people had a lot many other people to keep track off.
With every conceivable connection or chance contact the worry of ‘is it important’ emerged that caused people to have huge lists of other people always available and mass messaging became known.

Rooted in the concept of BBS (Bulletin Board Services), ‘Orkut’ first identified this market as a viable commercial landscape, and started working on building the concept of ‘Online Social Communities’. As the model matured it found a precise balance with ‘FaceBook’ and so the medium to formulate viable online communities emerged.

Now in all this story what I sense was lost was ‘Peace’ and ‘Trust’.
The maturity and longevity of a face to face connection started to take a back seat, as people had less quality time to give to one another in face to face meetings and preferred to take it conveniently over chats and wall posts.

The medium is certainly growing – indeed like a wild fire and will continue to grow. But is it growing now because of a genuine need or rather a sense of deprivation and worry of loss. Is it the fear of staying in the loop? People want to be in the loop because they don’t want to miss out on the next best thing. Its fashionable to be on FaceBook, not sensible.

Our world is changing, as a place of 7 Billion people and counting ‘exponentially’.
There is definitely newer things developing and emerging by the day. The evolutionary path will continue.

I just felt that its best to balance this new development with a break from the constant sense of being in the spot light. Like a vacation with family and friends that helps put us back in touch with nature and the natural ways of things. Taking a long-term break from FaceBook helps to retraction one on one relationships and nurture strong bonds that last a life-time.

For now my social evolution will cease to be limited to e-mail, LinkedIn, Skype and Viber.

I will see our FB friends in later times and take this time out to build lasting one on one relationships for a new future.

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