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Cure for Obesity

Obesity is now becoming an epidemic and most people do not have a clue.

This is the method to cure obesity:

1. Stop eating all forms of sugar, even diet and artificial.

2. Reduce eating gluten 80 to 90% i.e. (starchy foods such as flour and bread)

3. Get Ceylon Cinnamon powder and use copiously in your diet in place of sugar.
Example: Use 1/2 tea spoon in tea/ coffee, instead of sugar.

The problem is high insulin levels in Obese people caused by sugar which is regulated by natural Cinnemon.

4. Base your life on activity and no laziness, to burn existing fat.

5. Persist in this approach. Don’t give up.

IMPORTANT: Before using Ceylon Cinnamon, please check for allergies.

Additionally, you can start taking natural ‘Apple Cider Vinegar’ daily. It’s a miracle fluid for the body, used since past 2000 years.

Take 1 bottle cap OR 2 Tea Spoons worth and mix in a glass of water to drink.

Best done an hour before meals but not on empty stomach. It tastes like intense lemon juice but it’s effects inside the body are awesome.

WARNING: If facing serious ailments or at old age, consult doctor first to make sure.

Google on this to know more.



Dr. Batmanghelidj says… WATER cures all illness.

These three videos may perhaps be the most treasured ones in your life ever. Do not ignore.

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