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How do you define Right and Wrong?

Perhaps this is one of the few impervious questions in life that continue to be inquired.

When you say Right or Wrong, is it what fits best with ‘me’ as an individual or is it something that has to be based upon ‘morality’?

In the following ‘me’ refers to any individual looking at his/her interests and gains. For ‘morality’ the meaning is that it is an underlying understanding that focuses on how actions of an individual can impact the other individual in a positive or negative way. Morality is that element which helps avoid conflicts between individuals and attempts to nurture harmony among them.

I have noticed in my experiences that some people define a thing as ‘Right’ when it fits well within their set of needs and desires and label something as ‘Wrong’ when it does not sync well with them… To alleviate the concerns of society which constantly monitors people’s behaviors – these individuals base their arguments on morals yet cloak their own needs and desires under the guise of  ‘The right thing to do’.

I am curious to find out as to how many of us have this approach to life?

Is this an individual’s way of hacking the social network where by they can live under the eye of the social system to gain acceptance in the masses yet do as they please (many times with negative outcomes at the cost of other individuals) and at the same still be able to label it as ‘The right thing to do’?

I think this is a very concerning behavior in societies as this is indicative of an underlying flaw in the social fabric that has been at work for centuries.

I think that a proper sense of morality is all that is needed to put things right in the world. Education comes second.

Knowledge is gainful but the filter of morality helps distill it into its positives and negatives, which can then be utilized for the process of creation at large.

‘Morality’ should be understood better and used as a binding force in all concerns of life.
It seems to be the knot that holds the social fabric together and is also the filter that distills the knowledge coming into it.

Any creation that emerges from this distilled knowledge will contain lesser number of defects both short-term and long-term.

Look at the current state of the world!

We witness an overwhelmingly massive influx of knowledge coming in to an individuals life, yet that knowledge is not distilled by the individuals own active sense of morality – for this is one critical aspect of humanity we never focused upon in terms of nurturing it, like we nurtured the sciences!
Our education systems never laid it down as a critical subject taught at all levels of an individuals schooling where we had SAT and GMAT but no morality scorecards, our judicial systems did not accommodate it in the sub-systems they created rather they gave it a back seat, our trade and businesses never looked at it twice to see what it meant in term of stability and efficiency.

When I ponder upon the merits of this concept, the key knowledge that unfolds to me seems to be its unique power in being able to put chaos to rest and create a harmonic in the frequency of life.
Morality takes out the need for a central control. It lets the ‘Individual’ be able to look at his/her self interests and the interest of the whole i.e. groups, teams and masses holistically, acting in symmetry.

With the application of morality, the power then is vested in each individual and not one or a few.

Morality has its roots in religions too.
All religions talk about ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. On a holistic level ‘Morality’ is principally all that a religion advocates, yet religions accomplish this by supporting rituals and principles that are socially branded as ‘Religious’.

‘Morality’ does not require to be segregated as it is the key building block in all of creation.

In simple terms, all that is essentially required is a harmonized sense of  morality that is common to all humanity, ungoverned and unbranded. That is the way to create ‘Peace’ – Peace within ones self for peace at large.

Societies have always been a product of its constituents i.e. people, who have dictated its forms and features. Some societies choose to identify themselves upon segregated divides such as religion, position, language and cultural beliefs.
The world we find is filled with such social structures that have been in existence for a very long time, some have prospered and achieved gradeur among societies where they seek appreciation and respect from other societies.
In this very peculiar evolution of people as groups – differences abound in terms of color, cast, religious beliefs, behaviors etc… but the one constant that is always there is ‘Morality’ … yet
since so long no one has advocated it to the extent that it should be i.e. to place it at the center of the social fabric.

Societies have advocated religious beliefs, cultural distinctions, intellectual superiority but none that I certainly know off have advocated morality.

If this blog post finds its way to a social scientist or a philosopher, I would urge them to look deeply and see how a resurgence can come about in our societies to place ‘Morality’ at its core.

I would certainly appreciate constructive criticism, creative comments and great ideas on my blog.

Thanks for your time. Appreciate it.


© 2009. Mir Moiz  

Philosophy – GOD, People, Relations & Expectations.

GOD created expectations perhaps as a way for us to be connected to each other; the strength of one man can be the strength of the other. All that is needed is love and care.

We look at the history during all its times; prehistoric, mid evil, religious times of Judaism, Christianity & Islam. We see all that was needed was for humans to realize each other’s expectations and help strengthen each other in time of need. Moving away from egoistic concerns of money, wealth, power and fame.

I do it for you – You do it for me – We do it for Someone – Someone does it for us

When GOD created the world round he left us a message, by creating rotation…
Night and Day
Rich and Poor
Happy and Sad
Male and Female
Near and Far

The contradiction in life is a symbol of it’s logic.
The only way to achieve fulfillment in any one aspect of life is to CONNECT with the people around.
The glue that connects people together is EXPECTATION.

When people connect they can ensure sustainability of a certain aspect they all appreciate e.g.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting HAPPINESS.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting RICHNESS.
We connect, share and meet expectations to create lasting CLOSENESS.

More over when we connect share and meet expectations for each other – we take away the evil eye and misfortune from our lives.
For the cycle of life created by GOD rewards you when you reward someone.

Give someone and you will be given by someone.
Bless someone and you will be blessed by someone.

Give and take, meeting expectations for the attainment of contentment, happiness and a full-filing life.
Perhaps, when one does all this they get blesses by the Lord.

Ill appreciate constructive opinions to discuss further…


© 2008. Mir Moiz