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Revolutionary Change in Business Strategy

This guys speaks of a very relevant change in economics for businesses and their related strategies for survival and growth.

See the video here.


Innovators and Manipulators

If we agree to the fact that the present day challenges lay between the two scales of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Manipulation’ then it should be understood, what defines the competition between them and within each itself.

While capitalism is not about this distinction for it simply focuses on the capacity to capitalize on any given market opportunity.
The world that we face today is more so about manipulation than innovation.
The reason is simple, not everyone can innovate!

In the earliest parts of the industrial revolution some 200 years ago. Innovation feed into the engines of capitalism. Ideas where plenty and every conceivable aspect of life from living it to making it better was being innovated.
That trend continued on into the beginning of 1900. From then on the muscle of massive innovation weakened and manipulation started to manifest which twisted a few ideas and technologies to bring out something new and especially, the field of information technology feed this beast very well. It allowed for a lot of things to become convenient far more than it was ever before and so true innovation got replaced by part-innovation. From that time to the point where the IT bubble bursted and markets consolidated to find equilibrium with reality… Very many things gained stagnation and innovation became a prized possession.
This is also the time when the spotlight, on the need to innovate, increased signifying that there was a visible lack of it!

While all this brought the world from A to Z in a jiffy. It also provided, manipulators with the opportunity they were always seeking.
While innovators have always been far and few in the history of the world. There certainly has never been a shortage of manipulators, in every industry and in every field.

We now live in a time where increasingly innovation is being focused upon because, the continuation of innovation and original thinking is beginning to fall in a worrisome state for the next coming 100 years.

More people in the world does not mean more ideas and new developments. It means more of both… Innovators and Manipulators, with less of the first who are the real problem solvers.

What needs to be seen is how far will the world ride off, of this dissipating wave of past innovations, before it faces a stone wall.
After all every writer experiences a writers block.

We can’t expect more people to mean more innovation because innovation requires not cunning, but in-visioning. In many ways, that is not an education – it’s a gift.


Elon Musk

When people view successful people, most often they consider that their success is attributed to some exceptional back or support system. That there must be someone behind them to propel the success of those who do find it and find it good.
This guy proves it wrong.
Being born in humble beginnings does prepare those with brains and vision, both. To persist and find a realization of their dreams, and for everyone of those with vision, success means and stands for different things; you just have to know, what exactly you are looking for!

I meet this guy in Zanzibar on the eve of 2012 New Year. He does not know me and I did not know him either. A chance meeting, probably even he does not remember for what I come to know of him now. We exchanged a strong handshake at the reception desk of the Kendwa Rocks Beach resort and I offered to help in the matter he faced at the desk, to which he thanked and appreciated.
A year and a half later I come to know who he was.

This is a great video to watch for those who aspire to grow as business people. Who feel their vision will one day see the light of day and who feel, critics are not the yard stick to measure our successes or failures by…

Cheers to all those of my dearest friends. Enjoy.

Vimeo Video: http://vimeo.com/38542529


Organic Growth

The only distinction between people and businesses is that people are directly created by God and businesses are directly created by people.

Beyond the formation of businesses we have little control over the flow of things and outcomes, that we can exercise.

From the point of creation, a business becomes a self-sustained entity.
Most any business takes at least 3 years to reach a point of functional maturation, even in this era of high technology. The reason is that it takes that much time to develop roots to enable sustainability for it.

Letting a business grow organically entails being patient and thinking long-term. It’s the best formula for a stable, strong and sensibly managed enterprise.


The trust brand

Seth posted on his blog “The trust brand”. I urge you all to read this brilliant insight…

Seth Godin: The trust brand

The Need for Better Processes

Our lives are a complex mix of many things that are often times occurring in parallel. While most of us spend time over the course of each day, yet we seldom evaluate that the time we spent runs in a controlled environment such as an academic institution or a professional setting.

For an average mainstream person more than 60% out of 1,440 minutes over a day are spent in a controlled environment.
Successively over months and years this environment grows upon its occupants and dictates the conduct they have to maintain.

Processes are the only thing that controls these environment. Those that occupy it do not control it. They are in turn controlled by their environment and all this happens at a subconscious level.

This is precisely the reason that we liven up and loose stress when we go on a vacation or experience nature in its variations.

Businesses today are waking up to this fact and realizing that how their people perform is a direct result of a subconscious mechanism that either grooms and improves their workforce or subdues and dumbs down their minds.

Processes are the key that control the delivery of pleasure or pain.

Leaders at all levels need to realize that improving their processes is the central aspect to any kind of success.

The standards we devise and develop for businesses small and big is the vehicle to achieve that end. It is what prudent leaders do to empower the institutions they run.

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Coupe de la Mode

It is when we let a statement made by someone else take over our lives that we start to live a life of conformance, instead of reasoning with it.

Fashion is conformance.
Imagine if animals decided to make their looks fashionable. Slowly those that are in fashion say cats with a brown coat will be the ones that stick out together in high societies where as those that have white, black or grey coats will face discrimination. They will become the minority forced by the ideals of conformance and then one day they will become the vigilantes and revolt!

Perhaps it’s not so difficult for us to sense the state of affairs in life around us. Major matters stem out from minor and seemingly insignificant actions.

Fashion is the undertone of the conception of conformance and exclusivity that divides people and creates a sense of high and lows.

Societies need to address these issues better to become more cohesive and sensible in keeping people together.