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Seasons Greetings – 2017

Seasons Greetings

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Happy Holidays


Business Intelligence (Bi) – IntelliFile Solutions

Finally the new revamped version of our website for Bi – IntelliFile Solutions is here.

Please visit: http://intellifilesolutions.com/

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ECM for the coming decades!

A new argument for the right ECM technology is rising.
Changing times are affecting technology integration and adoption for enterprises all over.

Our product ‘IntelliFile’ mitigates all these loopholes and provides a solid foundation for the coming decades.

Don't Get Left Behind - ECM Evolution

To find our more please write in: info[at]intellifilesolutions[dot]com




Business on your Fingertips TM


  • Control Access to your Data
  • Physical Filing and Re-Organization
  • Electronic Conversions
  • File Management Systems
  • Security, Version Control and Monitoring
  • Workflows
  • Archivals
  • Web and Mobile Access



Data Visualization

Progressive sciences have always been focused upon the need to tap new tools and techniques to make evaluations and gauge progress and successes. As humans, over the years, we have been advancing in the creation of newer yardsticks that are most representative of our progressions.

This new data visualization technique is exceptionally powerful. It gives you the capacity to visualize progress and growth on the finite but expansive ‘global’ scale.

This is an example of population figures of the word, visualized for till year 2000.

World Population Visualized