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Don’t Hide

Apple puts this very elegantly…




Perspective is indeed paramount!


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

This guy knew it from LIFE’s experiences and he had quite so so many unusual ones.

Remembering the one who started it all, the originator…


Quietest Voice!

Johathan Ive is really the true marvel and the ‘secret’ weapon Steven had and has with Apple.

His eyes see as his mind sees and his thought delivers the same – composed composed communication and production.

I marvel at this gifted man’s team work and unison.

The best statement that captures my mind in this presentation is …

“The very best ideas can very often come, from the quietest voice”.

I think that encapsulates a very big wisdom – which we all now can visibly see in the products – how this wisdom plays into the science and rationality of commerce and innovation.

The beauty of knowing and understanding – how form and function are not separate, but – ONE!



Cheers to Jony Ive

Tim Cook & Company !

Snapshot from www.apple.com

Self gratification or pure Innovation of self ?

Increasingly it seems to me that Apple is facing a change that may not be so welcome.
While Steve Jobs had an aura of his own as the pinnacle of innovation-culture at Apple.
It now seems that Apple is transforming into Tim Cook & Company.

Of course this is my personal opinion and if I have freedom of speech, which I do. I may say that frankly, I see a lot of insecurity in Tim Cook for doing this!

People are people, the spot Tim holds is a very hot seat. It is a very difficult position to be in because it is the spot of Jobs’ legacy. He was a Legend. Mr. Tim – You are not. It is that simple.

People at Apple and outside have a natural appreciation for Steven and his works, that can not be written over when you market Apple with your personality and choices. It is counter productive.
After Steve, the culture of innovation MUST be KEPT INTACT with ALL ITS NUANCES INTACT preserved, as they were. Not CHANGED. Change in this respect will create imbalances in the very eco-system Steve Jobs created.

Please understand this – Apple is Apple – Because of Steve Jobs and now after him, because of the PEOPLE HE CHOOSE to work together, AS AN ECO SYSTEM.


Remembering Steve

I really liked this good man, not for his billions, but for his work, his thought and zen-like ethic.
I would say, perfection – personified.

Every top business needs a driver like Steve, if not, it stays behind in the real race of time.


Welcome to the Future – Apple iPad

I love this guy … what a visionary and genuine innovator. Bravo Steve J.

Welcome to the future and get a glimpse of this revolutionary new way of computing.

Only as I begin to realize the change this new wave of computing is starting to bring to the world now and in this age of the “Clouds” – I can not help but imagine episodes of Star Treck Enterprise and Deep Space 9 peaking into our current day reality … ‘A brave new world’ it is 🙂

Get a glimpse of the true tablet – Apple iPad