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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Behavioral Psychology, Battery Hens, Social Behavior and Us!

Through out history psychologists and scientists have used animal behavior and response to test techniques and products.

The notion of profit over all else has seemed like an objective drive to achieve the best – the perfect outcomes for the human race.

Yet that same logic has created a chaos of division and degradation in creation.

Below is a video to show how battery hens that have lived all their lives in confined cages and forced to lay eggs upon eggs behave when they see the open space, sun and human kindness for the first time.

A core objective mind will only see this example and deduce that this is softness – the world has to feed itself and it’s a pool of growing 7+ billion people. That is priority.

Yet this one example can easily be multiplied by multiples of billions because hens and eggs are a key food source and if this behavior has created such outcomes what is the multiplier effect of that action.

Now equate that battery hen example to the human condition.
Again the same objective thinking is to blame.

What is the multiplier affect of humans in Africa in similar conditions serving the needs and wants of humans in the developed world!!!

It is a major thought to ponder for those who think.

The world is a chaos for a major reason that we all need to look at from above. Objectivity is not progress!


Inside Irma


Nayya Pakistan (New Pakistan)

Nayya Pakistan (New Pakistan) 2017

Purana Pakistan (Old Pakistan) 1947

I am quite sure who ever did this, is a millennial 🙂
My love and thanks to the brilliant mind who made this.

One can not encapsulate the brilliance of this idea enough in words.

First it brings in to light the love for the founding father of the age – into the 21t century for the age of the millennials.
A country with its youth bulge at its peak globally, needs to identify with its roots and spirit in a way that transcends time and the confines of mediocrity.

Next it is a symbolic message so profound in its nature that one really needs to contemplate to dig deep.
The founding father with a new hair style shows how the wisdom and personality of his age is eternal, not time bound. Then the mere thought of the Quaid dressing up for this age shows how the concept he propagated can fit into the time at hand. Its not a lost cause at all!

My sincerest thanks to the brilliant mind who did this, and if you can please identify yourself so people can see who is the face behind this masterpiece.

Happy Independence Day Everyone – In the country or around the world.
Blessings Forever.


Ramadan – The Truth!

Ramadan is perceived by many to be a Muslim festival. It is not just that. It is a spiritual transformation for 30 days.
For those who view Ramadan with skepticism, this video will show what it is all about, in a demonstrable way.