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A significant milestone made at SPIEF (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum)

One must look very closely at what just happened in St. Petersburg.

Russia, Kazakistan and Italy !!!

That is not a small thing.
To me it seems that the new age of innovative economies has just been ushered in.

When did you ever hear policy makers talking about technology and the need for information relevance and transformative urgency.

I for sure will be looking closely at this silent – yet massive change.



Reality of Pakistan

Pakistan has a demonstrated capacity to work with the best in developed nations and contribute to a global economic ecosystem, in more remarkable ways than you perhaps can imagine.

This elegant video showcases it so well.

Direct Link

Video Credits: Yum to Yikes

Trade and Development -Netherlands

Trade minister of the Netherlands, talks on the imperative of trade with Pakistan.


See video interview here



Bi CoffeeCup Consulting

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Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA)


A free trade area is always a welcome sigh for any economy. It is a form of economic emancipation where economies inclusively operate to provide value at higher levels.
While it has it’s positives there are aspects of increased competitiveness for businesses and a new balance to be sought. A new pivot where market forces find their center and strengths.

In my view this is a welcome sign. The world needs more borderless interactions that are less regulated at the macro level and more driven by the forces of demand and supply at the core. The challenge in the new landscape would indeed be the survivability of lesser lean players who could face a major windfall if they do not change. In time the impact of this will leverage upon the Asian economies as well, more so if this partnership between Europe and US includes increased manufacturing through automation!

As a 46% collective representation of world GDP coupled with the effects of a recently signed free trade deal between Canada and Europe. This entire order of change represents a near 60% global economic momentum.

Now we need to see its consequent effects from Asia.


Image Source: Wikipedia

How to market in a closed space.

Help me find a way to better market this product … ha ha

Perhaps this is one, good one, – anyone can ever come across.
Your Wallet


Dubai – What to expect!

Debt seems to be the number one killer in todays economic space. It’s becoming a necessary evil that no one is certain for when it will bite!

With the US looming into similar shadows, what can be expected of all those dependent economies across the globe. The UAE is vastly dependent on the trajectory of the US economy. It visibly proved its interlinked relationship in the last financial crisis. What can now be expected with Dubai itself being so heavily debt burdened, remains to be seen.

This is what Bloomberg projects:
Dubai Debt Costs to Rise on $7.1 Billion Expo Spend: Arab Credit

In this increasingly uncertain climate one thing that can be taken as certain is that only those economies will show stability or growth that are self sustained. Those who have their debts in control and those that have been prudent not to let trade deficits take place.

In times like these it’s always the basic economic formulas that work.
Do not spend beyond your means and invest wisely.