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The Nature of this Century

A very WISE discussion.
Putting aside all differences to work with the common truths is the only way.



Road to Innovation

Right now, almost every one is aware of the impact that innovative technology can create for the economy and the society, at large.
Gone are the days when people found it hard to perceive how these new and idealistic ideas will make any business sense in the ‘real world’ so to speak.

Now! People get it and want it more and more. A herd is developing on the notion of what the next best thing can be, but in all honestly – it feels that some of the original prime opportunities for disruption have already taken place.
The threshold from absence to presence has been achieved and now we are in this new evolution.

Right now there is more noise in the space than there was when Tesla, Apple, Google made the mark.
Then the space was quiet and these were the people who saw the vision in their heads and went after it.
Now, there is a lot of noise in the space, people are competing rather than building the next big thing and the vision is a derived one from the original conceptions.

Internet has happened – It is not an idea anymore.
Messengers are an important reality – Not a fun thing anymore.
Search is an everyday necessity – Not just a tool on the side anymore.

Such is the case with other new concepts.

The key innovation that has already happened is that a ‘Nervous System’ has formed for the world.
The innovation that is taking place now, is only perfecting it – rather than filling the gap in the first place.

Real innovation needs a gap to fill. Because there is a big difference between creating the first smart phone and making that smart phone better and better.
Creating the first smart phone – Fills the gap. Making it better does not, it only competes upon the old variant.

In this new evolution we need a new approach to finding gaps and filling them and honestly with each new find fewer and fewer will be available to capitalize on. Just like any real asset class.

I remember back in 1990s when I took great strides to get the latest copies of Popular Science and Discover magazines – From the lot of it I would hardly get 30% in my young comprehension but it really created a spark in the mind that can not be put into words. I had a journal of my own and in it I would write my ideas and conceptions which flooded the mind like a mountain spring.

Right now we all can hop on to the internet and be experiencing far more information than that little magazine could carry but I have yet to find the same spark from that past experience, using the internet.
But then still now when I think back to those journals, it happens again – all the same.

The thing is…
Innovation is not an art or a science.

It is a way of thinking!

You can not create it – You can only value and nurture it.
Of course, first you have to find it!

© MIR. Jan 2018.

BIT Nation

BITCOIN is not a currency ‘only’!
It is an Ai Network.

Part 1:


Part 2:


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Google Data Center

The journey your data takes with Google.


The need for Conscience

The need for conscience is now ever more in the world.

After watching this documentary from Deutsche Welle – I recognize the position of the ones benefitting.

This is like saying to someone with a VIP ticket to a concert and asking them instead to give it away and participate in a protest for the larger good – how many would bother listening. Most will say… “This is not my responsibility”.

Every generation has had it’s challenges. This is the biggest challenge of our time.

If people who know how to benefit, would also realize – how to uniquely recognize their unspoken responsibility cast upon them, proportional to the weight of their holdings; if such people realized the larger picture of their being – perhaps some genuine ones would see that as they are the movers on the chess board therefore it is ‘they’ who must make “conscientious” moves – not just the correct ones.



Elon & Ai – The Big Picture

Observe how he does not flinch or fear while putting his credibility on the line for a good – that is bigger and more important than his many many billions!!!



The Shape of things to Come… Sooon Sooon

Massive disruption is on its way guys. Serious.
Next 10 years… Mannn