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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Never Give Up :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year 2017

This is a gift for all those who seek to be innovators and value makers for the coming new year.

I meet this man ‘incidentally’ in Zanzibar at the eve of 2012 new year.
I did not know who he was then!
Yet… the mere fact that it happened kept me curious ever since.

What he says below is PRICELESS…
Learn while putting your ‘ego’ away  🙂

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Seasons Greetings – 2017

Seasons Greetings

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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

This guy knew it from LIFE’s experiences and he had quite so so many unusual ones.

Remembering the one who started it all, the originator…


Oracle clampdown – Java NOT Free!

Major update on licensing for Java.

Exercise caution in enterprise deployments.


Oracle clampdown on Java users.




I have come up with a simplified 2 step, way to minimize the damage caused by polythene bags.

After use…

Step 1. 

Streamline the bag with its own creases.


Like so…


Step 2.

Knot it in two or more places (depending on its length) to disable it.


This simple act before throwing the bag away will disable it from causing a number of damages, such as:

It will not fly – It will not open and capture other garbage – It will not get tangled in drainage lines – It will become heavier and easily pick-able for sorting and so on.

Simplicity and a bit of sense can help manage major issues with a collective approach.
I hope you all spread this simple technique and act it out – as often as possible. Thanks.



Quietest Voice!

Johathan Ive is really the true marvel and the ‘secret’ weapon Steven had and has with Apple.

His eyes see as his mind sees and his thought delivers the same – composed composed communication and production.

I marvel at this gifted man’s team work and unison.

The best statement that captures my mind in this presentation is …

“The very best ideas can very often come, from the quietest voice”.

I think that encapsulates a very big wisdom – which we all now can visibly see in the products – how this wisdom plays into the science and rationality of commerce and innovation.

The beauty of knowing and understanding – how form and function are not separate, but – ONE!



Cheers to Jony Ive

Stephen Hawking’s views

Stephen Hawking’s views on the times ahead for our planet.