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Some topics in life are very painful.

Like TRASH !

The largest downside to the high pace of development in the world is a simple but enormous problem of trash.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Trash is not the story of developing nations and yet it is trash that can take a nation’s prestige down big time.

I reside in Karachi, Pakistan at the moment and here neither the government nor the private enterprise has come up with any plan of action on trash.
For the largest part I would think that the issue is unique to developing nations, till I saw a video on Japan.

The Japanese came out with ingenious ways to put trash to use.

At the same I saw a humble trash collector too, who showed me that he cared more about trash than the citizens themselves.

Observe the humble and nimble trash collection device + recycling system.

His young son collects the trash and gives it to the father, the father then distributes the trash in two – solids that can be recycled/ used and organic waste.
Yet he says there is no government landfill he can use to dump it in; further some areas are under influence from some political parties too.

I mean WOW – sensibility in such an overlooked aspect of life, despite odds.

We all want to consume the best yet we all put out the worst too and it’s up to us to be manageable about both.

That is the sign of a sensible people and a responsible nation, first.

See how Japan did it:

I hope the authorities are listening.