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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Purpose of Life

A lot many of us contemplate at times the reason for life.

The materialist focuses on the accumulation of things to find meaning, the spiritualist focuses on the natural order to find meaning.

Those who pursue science do not often see beyond atoms and molecules. The religiously devout only sees divinity and preaches to contend with it.

Some say explore and be inquisitive. Some say stay safe and be at peace.

The real question I ask is – why are we alive ?

Why are we born on day 1 and will die away on day 27,000 (e.g.) ?

Why do we get these 27,000 days to exist as flesh and bones?

This is how I see the answer:

We get these days to work on a few tasks.
Using our Mind, Brain, Hands, Feet and Speech.

1. First and foremost:

Appreciate and continually thank the one who took the decision to bring you to life, who took the decision to give you your body and your capacity to think, act and speak.

2. Second and most necessary:

To be free and act upon your own will.
Not that of your forefathers, not that of the strong and not that of the influential.
Your own will.

3. Third and most key:

To find your purpose/ your role in this continual sequel called life.
Life is a continuous run of time for a certain period. Each run for each of us is different. Like the start and stop of a stop watch.
Find the purpose for your run.
Don’t compare with others.

4. Fourth and necessary:

Contemplate for knowledge and wisdom and create only with a constructive purpose (not destructive).
Life has been created with a constructive mind, a positive mind.

5. Fifth and key:

Empathize with others like yourself who are around you and help them do the same. Be a community of people, who act conscientiously in unison.
When people unite – stronger purpose and capacity is born. With that more can be created.


Any human who is given freedom, knowledge and purpose; will always inspire others around him/her to grow in their run.

That is the purpose of life.