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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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This man speaks a very profound wisdom in a very simple ways…

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The 10 Check – I call it :)

I incidentally and very briefly meet Elon on a beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania at new year’s eve 2012 at a time when just a few people knew who he was!

The 10 points he makes now, really hit hard on the real deal in entrepreneurial life. The only other thing for Pakistan I’ll add is ‘manage perceptions’ for TRUST.

There is so much of mistrust in Pakistan that real signals and real deals get lost in the noise of people’s doubts and fictional concerns.

VALUE is my brand and it’s a product of validated authenticity not just the outer shine and glitter of a Mercedes Benz. The way Elon created VALUE. It really takes one to beak their knuckles doing that.

Enjoy a real innovators insight on what is real and what is not.

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China, USA and the World – Bill and Elon Talk

As a take away from this talk, I feel we should all make a major distinction between ‘Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Innovators’.

Most all of the role models for exceptional entrepreneurship today are basically ‘innovators/ inventors’.
They are never looking at the business (as per say) but simply at their passion to make a difference in their own way, with their skills and potential.

Also note when Bill talk about the major shift in the time when he made it big and now!



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What You See!


What we see is utterly important for success.

If God did not show us the marvels of creation and if we would not have so much tangibles around us to see – would we be marveled at creation ?

Senses are important because they are there for a purpose.
To see to hear to touch to smell to taste and to perceive are all those senses that enable us to connect with those around us.

They are there so that we may be able to form a sense of belief.

A lot of people in our world are not paying proper attention to the vitality of these senses for the purpose of people to people communications.

After all it is only communication that forms the pathways between people – from person to person.

A lot of the people in the world try to form these pathways without the comprehensive utility of these senses.
Some even perceive it to be materialism to emphasize upon the utility of senses.

Presentation is extremely important.

It enables and evokes a verifiable sense of belief in the people for a proper connect.

Even the biblical prophets conducted marvels to evoke the sense of belief in people and well God has done it so much that we frankly take the celestial marvels for granted now.

Oh the sun shines so what !
Ha ha man can you put your mind around the process and nature of that creation of God hum !

If we are born with it does not mean it is not a marvel!
If you see and experience it day in and out does not mean it has less significance!

In essence senses are key to winning in life.

So the take away for today is…

Make ‘Presentation’ in every thing you do, say or even think … The hallmark of your identity and self.

I believe it’s the one true mantra to all success in this life.

Demonstrate and validate – even if it’s in faith.