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Coca Cola Investment in Pakistan

Coca Cola has announced an investment of 350 million USD in Pakistan. They will open new plants and will provide new employments.

Mr. Ishaq Dar has welcomed this move.

While I personally like Coke and it’s products that are far better than Pepsi. I am not in favor or this development.

Coke is all about water. They need new and cheap supplies of water for their products. This 350 million is a leak in our water systems as Coke will use all it’s plants to produce more for regional export than it will for domestic consumption.

Mr. Dar, please see ahead in the future and add clauses in the agreement that validate a strong control over the use of the nature and type of water Coke will utilize for its products and that should be set against a reasonable limit for export quantities.

I hope you don’t want Pakistan to dry up while Coke makes gains with a mere 350 million USD invested.



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