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Mushtaq Chhapra’s vision and a great Socio-Commercial Enterprise

Visionary thinkers are rare…
They anticipate needs and markets way ahead of their time, and while this fact justifies upon commercial leaders its the same for social leaders and for all leading positions in life.
Vision drives true and lasting success.

It is imperative to note that the followup successes germinate and grow from the mind of a true visionary, without one, lasting and enduring successes are not possible.

The vision for a network of schools for the impoverished of Pakistan is not an easy one to pursue. As a country, Pakistan is riddled with a multitude of Socio-Economic and developmental challenges. It’s industry is non-innovative and traditional in its scope and nature. The systems of governmental support are undependable and private enterprise runs deep into its economic facets.

In the sheer absence of any significant, sustained and mature government supported welfare activity, private enterprise has been instrumental in building up and supporting the social out-casts.

A pioneering example of this endeavor is Abdul Sattar Edhi. A man who choose to beg for the creation of a visionary social welfare enterprise, that now formulates the core of social support infrastructures in the country all without international donor support and just from the kind pockets of willing Pakistani’s in and out of the country.
A self-sustained private enterprise that over shadows any in its league, across the world.

While Mr. Edhi focused on building emergency shelters, ambulances, morgues and orphanages to privately support the down trodden. Mr. Chhapra has instrumentally focused on the mechanism that produces a newer and better generation of this country, i.e. Quality education of the impoverished plenty. He mobilized his capacity to spread the reach of his foundation’s ( The Citizens Foundation ) borders to the country’s expatriate community and garnered their assistance in building now more than 900 schools across the county where the number continues to climb exponentially.

A pioneering feat of achievement with a structured model of commercial viability and sustainable development.
Each school supports the child with not just tuition but with uniforms and books along with a fleet of trained and experienced women teachers to prepare them for acceptance at the highest levels of educational excellence they should desire and aspire to.
To me that is massive.

It is also notable to see that Mr. Chhapra likes to stay away from the limelight, yet continue to drive a vision that is unrelenting in its collective effort with a continued and infective passion.

I hope and pray that many other pioneering and capable individuals in this country pursue a strong vision to realize true values that the people possess.
Nothing happens without a visionary and innovative mind.
Tradition always needs a new and revived sense of vigor to survive the test of time.

New visions and innovative ideas need to be supported by the economic elite to revive its past glory, that is what all developed nations have done. It’s the only way and the only truest formula to an enduring success, both for the self and for the collective.



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