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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.


Many things upon this earth are an unsolved mystery still – still after major advances in technology and our capacity to see through a variety of enigmas… we are clue less about a lot in this world.

One very important puzzle in life is the state of contentment.
At what level and in the presence of which factors do humans achieve contentment. Is it a constant or a variable that continues to shift in its perception?

I have opinions of course of my own and ideas, but to say for certainty how and why, is not entirely possible. It is still an enigma that most everyone struggles with.

I would just like to share a portion of a Urdu poetry that Jagjit Singh sang as a song…
The most important bit of it was this.

“Dunya jisee kehtay hain, wo aik jadoo ka khilona hai.
Miljayee to miti hai, Khojayee to sona hai”…

It means:
That which we call the world, is a toy of magic.
When you possess it, it feels like earth and dust but when you loose it, it turns to gold.

I can not conceive of a more appropriate way that this writer has placed the complexity of the contradiction of contentment in life.

When humans gain the object of their desires. It becomes difficult for them to continue to appreciate it and feel the charm they felt before, yet when they ignore it and loose it in time and it starts to pull away from them they severely feel it’s absence, it’s true value and repent its loss.

Perhaps the simple truths of life are not as complex as we think they are… We just need to contend with what we get in life by appreciating its value. It’s the only way that we can stay aware that what we have in our hands is not earth and dust but an object of great value that few possess and that it is rare and more than gold.



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  shireenaash wrote @

Contentment is the greatest wealth, may Allah help us preserve it.

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