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Super Cognition, Super Human


It seems a new turn of events is about to happen. The new era to unfold for mankind, yet again, is called ‘Cognitive Computing’.

Soon IBM, the world’s largest maker of super computers is unfolding the power of its super computers in a product that’s been dubbed ‘Watson’. A cloud based cognitive computing platform that will enable instant big data processing for high cognitive outputs for general professionals.

Video Intro on Watson

Video on how Watson Works

This basically means that in layman’s terms people will now be empowered with super computer cognition to deliver their objectives. Their thoughts and projects will be supported with super cognition borrowed from IBM computers over a cloud-based provisioning model.

A whole new world can be conceived with this potential. Good or bad, perhaps only time will tell, best.


If you want to get off Telenor’s offer

These pathetic telecom prize and draw offers are starting to piss me off.
Their greed has no limits it seems.

If you want to get off Telenor’s prize and draw offer use this method:

Send a SMS saying ‘STOP’ to 8999

Pass it on folks on Facebook and all your best modes of crowd justice 🙂


Why can’t we do this :-/


It beats me to see that true and original innovation is not something, perhaps, we as a nation are really capable off… If so its very rare.

Basil seeds are something I ate when I was a little toddler and my father used to propagate the great benefits of using them during summers to quell the heat.

A Thai company came up with this drink all the while Basel seeds are just pathetically cheap and easily available in Pakistan yet our brilliant people ‘none’ could think better.

This is an exceptionally original demonstration of value addition at its best… When I mentioned this to the shop keeper who was selling this for PKR 100/- per bottle, like hot cakes, he said “sir our people can only copy, not invent”.

Sad to say and experience that what I find when I meet people and exchange ideas is superb critique alone. There is no constructive thought even at the highest echelons, to propel ideas and support new initiative if that benefits and uplifts the other guy and not themselves.

We need to change this negative attitude in our people’s minds – or else progress is harder to come by even over next few decades.



Many things upon this earth are an unsolved mystery still – still after major advances in technology and our capacity to see through a variety of enigmas… we are clue less about a lot in this world.

One very important puzzle in life is the state of contentment.
At what level and in the presence of which factors do humans achieve contentment. Is it a constant or a variable that continues to shift in its perception?

I have opinions of course of my own and ideas, but to say for certainty how and why, is not entirely possible. It is still an enigma that most everyone struggles with.

I would just like to share a portion of a Urdu poetry that Jagjit Singh sang as a song…
The most important bit of it was this.

“Dunya jisee kehtay hain, wo aik jadoo ka khilona hai.
Miljayee to miti hai, Khojayee to sona hai”…

It means:
That which we call the world, is a toy of magic.
When you possess it, it feels like earth and dust but when you loose it, it turns to gold.

I can not conceive of a more appropriate way that this writer has placed the complexity of the contradiction of contentment in life.

When humans gain the object of their desires. It becomes difficult for them to continue to appreciate it and feel the charm they felt before, yet when they ignore it and loose it in time and it starts to pull away from them they severely feel it’s absence, it’s true value and repent its loss.

Perhaps the simple truths of life are not as complex as we think they are… We just need to contend with what we get in life by appreciating its value. It’s the only way that we can stay aware that what we have in our hands is not earth and dust but an object of great value that few possess and that it is rare and more than gold.


Innovators and Manipulators

If we agree to the fact that the present day challenges lay between the two scales of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Manipulation’ then it should be understood, what defines the competition between them and within each itself.

While capitalism is not about this distinction for it simply focuses on the capacity to capitalize on any given market opportunity.
The world that we face today is more so about manipulation than innovation.
The reason is simple, not everyone can innovate!

In the earliest parts of the industrial revolution some 200 years ago. Innovation feed into the engines of capitalism. Ideas where plenty and every conceivable aspect of life from living it to making it better was being innovated.
That trend continued on into the beginning of 1900. From then on the muscle of massive innovation weakened and manipulation started to manifest which twisted a few ideas and technologies to bring out something new and especially, the field of information technology feed this beast very well. It allowed for a lot of things to become convenient far more than it was ever before and so true innovation got replaced by part-innovation. From that time to the point where the IT bubble bursted and markets consolidated to find equilibrium with reality… Very many things gained stagnation and innovation became a prized possession.
This is also the time when the spotlight, on the need to innovate, increased signifying that there was a visible lack of it!

While all this brought the world from A to Z in a jiffy. It also provided, manipulators with the opportunity they were always seeking.
While innovators have always been far and few in the history of the world. There certainly has never been a shortage of manipulators, in every industry and in every field.

We now live in a time where increasingly innovation is being focused upon because, the continuation of innovation and original thinking is beginning to fall in a worrisome state for the next coming 100 years.

More people in the world does not mean more ideas and new developments. It means more of both… Innovators and Manipulators, with less of the first who are the real problem solvers.

What needs to be seen is how far will the world ride off, of this dissipating wave of past innovations, before it faces a stone wall.
After all every writer experiences a writers block.

We can’t expect more people to mean more innovation because innovation requires not cunning, but in-visioning. In many ways, that is not an education – it’s a gift.


Elon Musk

When people view successful people, most often they consider that their success is attributed to some exceptional back or support system. That there must be someone behind them to propel the success of those who do find it and find it good.
This guy proves it wrong.
Being born in humble beginnings does prepare those with brains and vision, both. To persist and find a realization of their dreams, and for everyone of those with vision, success means and stands for different things; you just have to know, what exactly you are looking for!

I meet this guy in Zanzibar on the eve of 2012 New Year. He does not know me and I did not know him either. A chance meeting, probably even he does not remember for what I come to know of him now. We exchanged a strong handshake at the reception desk of the Kendwa Rocks Beach resort and I offered to help in the matter he faced at the desk, to which he thanked and appreciated.
A year and a half later I come to know who he was.

This is a great video to watch for those who aspire to grow as business people. Who feel their vision will one day see the light of day and who feel, critics are not the yard stick to measure our successes or failures by…

Cheers to all those of my dearest friends. Enjoy.

Vimeo Video: http://vimeo.com/38542529


Organic Growth

The only distinction between people and businesses is that people are directly created by God and businesses are directly created by people.

Beyond the formation of businesses we have little control over the flow of things and outcomes, that we can exercise.

From the point of creation, a business becomes a self-sustained entity.
Most any business takes at least 3 years to reach a point of functional maturation, even in this era of high technology. The reason is that it takes that much time to develop roots to enable sustainability for it.

Letting a business grow organically entails being patient and thinking long-term. It’s the best formula for a stable, strong and sensibly managed enterprise.