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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

The Soulful Disconnect

Convention holds that our thoughts are as much a part of our being as our physical bodies. Thoughts are things and yet when it comes to the notion of feelings which again are a manifestation of thoughts, the conventional wisdom tries to dismiss them for feeling are figments and so must not be as important.

The reality is that God conceived all things with a duality at its core. A duality of intellect and instinct.

While our brains can distill the frequencies of thought, our hearts are designed to distill the frequencies of instinct (at a finer level). Both intellect and instinct are not a singular entity belonging to someone and not the other but rather a sea of knowledge that permeates the entire cosmos.

God persists through all fabrics of space and time and so it’s the infinitive wisdom that each and everyone of us is tuning into.

The reality is that when humans learn to tap this vast pool of intellect and instinct with the proper ascension of it’s brain and it’s heart – similar to all other creatures big or small. Humans also learns to balance and counter-balance the two against each other. This means that if our balance is proper we should factor in our instincts into our intellects and our intellect into our instincts to find the correct answers to all our questions in life.
The irony of our so called modern times is simply the disconnect of this unique natural balance that God gifted to all it’s creations.

Our scales are tilted.

We the current state of humans have a bias against instinct and a favor for intellect.
As a result all our judgements and conceptions are naturally more intellectual yet seldom morally sound for we are not utilizing our instincts as most all of us have not acquired the means to do so since birth.

The ancients of past in the history of our world utilized instincts at a very enhanced scale. As a result of which their capacity to tap into the vast pools of knowledge was far higher than we can reach with the limited capacity of intellect. Some examples would be Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Plato, Tesla, Aristotle etc… Why is it that the innovators of today despite leaps and bound in science and the capacity of super computers are still limited in comparison! I wonder.

Consider the possibilities if we learn to galvanize our instincts to the tune of high intellect, as we possess today.

Intellectualism is not within us – It is something we tune into. Instinct awards us that capacity; today’s highly intellectual man is deficient in that and perhaps, till it wakes up to this fact, will remain so.


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