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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

Personal Space

Increasingly with the advent of newer and technologically fancy ways of human interactions what seems to be getting compromised is the ‘personal space’.

When we look at and listen to a beautiful composition. Silence and gaps play a critical role in maintaining the pleasingness of a musical piece. There are high notes and low notes and there are gaps and spaces.

What is the price we as humans pay when we loose the gaps and spaces because of intrusive technology and communication mediums in the composition of human existence?

Will we be able to maintain the symphony of human existence like a pleasurable one or will the sound of human interactions evolve into a piece from Metallica!

Now that is a thought for us all to gravely ponder!!!



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