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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

Archive for May, 2013

Political Chairs

Elections are done and over with in my part of the world – The bigger question we now contemplate is… the definition of fair play!!

I remember when as kids we played musical chairs there will be times when someone will simply throw you out of their way to get the chair and then keep ranting at the top of their voice that they are the ones to get it. They will throw wagging tongues at the poor kid on the ground and push forward to keep playing… going round and round and round.

Is life really like that in practice? Is winning the game of musical chairs the defining pillar of success and fortunes? Are we upon this earth to win – musical chairs !!

Well for all I have been seeing it seems that winning musical chairs is critical for success and one should push people out of their way to get the retched chair – just so they can rant and shout that they are the ones to get it, for when one does that as a toddler one ensures they remain one for ages to come.

We don’t really want to grow up, it seems.


Freedom to and Freedom from

In almost all things in life we witness a duality present – there are always two opposing forces.

The notion of freedom too has a duality.
Freedom to and Freedom from.

Freedom to, focuses on the self and Freedom from, focuses on the collective.
I have freedom to wear anything I like in a public place (even obscene) or I have freedom from any possible obscenity one could come across in a public place.
The two freedoms are in complete contradiction. If one type of freedom is catered to the other looses value and vice versa.

Global cultures and societies are also facing this dichotomy of freedoms.
What kind of freedom do you want in your country?
A self-centered freedom to do whatever you like or
A collective and conscientious freedom from possible difficulties or pains of life.

For me personally it’s simply about finding the right balance. I would use a moral compass to evaluate situations where each type of freedom makes sense and take an informed consensus from a group of wise elders and ethical/ informed and highly intellectual young individuals to formulate the best social makeup where freedom reigns supreme.

Yet despite all efforts the balance will always stay elusive requiring a counterweight act on a consistent basis to maintain the right mix.

Inspiration: Rick Steves

Personal Space

Increasingly with the advent of newer and technologically fancy ways of human interactions what seems to be getting compromised is the ‘personal space’.

When we look at and listen to a beautiful composition. Silence and gaps play a critical role in maintaining the pleasingness of a musical piece. There are high notes and low notes and there are gaps and spaces.

What is the price we as humans pay when we loose the gaps and spaces because of intrusive technology and communication mediums in the composition of human existence?

Will we be able to maintain the symphony of human existence like a pleasurable one or will the sound of human interactions evolve into a piece from Metallica!

Now that is a thought for us all to gravely ponder!!!