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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

Departments and Functions

Often times we come across common perceptions that are misleading and vague.
People require a very focused and keen behavior at work and in life to succeed. That is essential.

There is a major difference in how we perceive the departments of a company and how we perceive functional nature of those departments. Both are very different.

A department is a group – a label to a collection of people that come together to become responsible and actionable towards its core function.
If you have a department in your company that does not focus on a core functional nature then that department is ineffective and non-productive and will remain so till a rigid framework is defined.

Departments should never be multifunctional. There should always be just one core function, if you seek to guarantee efficiency and success.



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