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The Extra Bit (A world of ‘isms’)

Socialism, Capitalism and now Consumerism. All these ‘isms’ are major reformers and destroyers. These ‘isms’ are causing chaos in the world and tilting the world scales. Every time these ‘isms’ have taken command they have created tremendous value for some and losses for plenty.

The world tested its merits with the first ism being socialism the next ism came upon the stage as capitalism and now consumerism is taking root across world planes.

I will not delve too much into the merits of socialism or capitalism for I am a firm believer in keeping to the pivot like Switzerland. We just needed a combination of the two with a counter weight of shared morality principles to begin with. Yet it’s unfortunate now the fight for domination by the two ‘isms’ in the first place created such disasters in the past 200 years of our history.

Consumerism is one that I simply do not approve. It is a product of social neglect and capitalistic greed multiplied by infinity. It is idiotic in its nature, has no sense of morality at all and it is driven by an insatiable desire for more and more pleasure. Simply speaking its the prostitution of socialism and capitalism on a global scale – combined. The common denominator being sheer greed for more and more without limits.

I would really love to find out how consumerism started and when it went out of hand. Was there a through research and debates on its approach and merits or it simply sprang out of nowhere like a wild weed.
Consumerism has a fundamental flaw in its makeup.
It’s all made up. Lies and deceit are at the core of its construct and nature is abhorred. Consumerism abhors balance and prudence. It drives humans to consume without rationality and proper thought. It compelled us all to be driven by our impulse rather than by our minds or hearts.

If we as a global union can address the ills of consumerism – I feel we will fix 50% of its problems.

God Bless us All.


From Poor to Rich

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Courtesy: Funders and Founders

Managers and Subordinates

The need for group oriented work (multiple hands) lead to the conception of hierarchies. As management practices evolved they stipulated a wide array of techniques and best practices some of which survived mainly over the past 200 years of industrialization and were solidified into best practices and recommended techniques. A lot of authors and writers have delved into the merits of people management and notable scholars and academics have highlighted upon mistakes and pitfalls.

The simple fact due to which the subject still eludes perfection and continues to demand dress ups is because since the past 200 years business runners have been trying to fit people into boxes they do not want to fit into.

Its a constant circus like trying to cage a Squirrel that very quickly finds a way out through a crack or an opening acting before one can think properly.

People are thinkers, all of them – educated ones and uneducated ones. Education can uniformly provide them with life’s stimulus that helps them evolve their ways but the ways are already there naturally.
People naturally form communities and find ways to do things and most importantly – build things.
When one human being tries to box in another human being there is natural resistance. The approach in the past more aptly followed in the oriental cultures was to walk with them and reason. That is not what industry followed for the past 200 years. Europeans and Americans mechanized the machines and then they tried to mechanize humans to fit the boxes. This approach is evident in the way of life and its core nuclear family structure. There were a number of short-term gains but then there were major long-term losses too.

Today the world is far more different than ever before. We eat, wear, feel, effect and reflect globally. The interdependencies are multifaceted and multi-tiered borrowing from diverse experiences and the stimulus is growing exponentially.

For this world the old models will not do, we need evolved ways and newer means to handle human creation and development.


Transactional and Transformational

Recently I spoke to a friend after a long time and in the course of our dialogue he mentioned that relations are either transactional or transformational. Now that is a very firm and clear way of marking the nature of people’s interactions – makes life much more easy.

Seeking to build transformational relations requires courage and humility. Without it one can go on through life depending on transactional relations that are based on mutual gains alone. When those gains are lost either the relations change or are completely forgotten.

Strive to build transformational relations in your life. It is these relations that will be joyful when you are happy and support you when you are sad.


Core Competency and Specializations

In this growing corporate world of cogs and gears we have an ever increasing desire to make things and people modular. So long as we speak about things – its ok… To add people in to the mix would be a mistake.

People are not designed with a repetitive nature. They appreciate discipline but not repetition. People can think, review and analyze. So long as people can do all that at work they become efficient but when a manager or a lead limits those capacities for short-term tacts and gains for the ease of control or quick deliverables – the approach bears very bitter fruits in time.

To make your people efficient at work – make the things they do modular, but not them. You will win them over.


Departments and Functions

Often times we come across common perceptions that are misleading and vague.
People require a very focused and keen behavior at work and in life to succeed. That is essential.

There is a major difference in how we perceive the departments of a company and how we perceive functional nature of those departments. Both are very different.

A department is a group – a label to a collection of people that come together to become responsible and actionable towards its core function.
If you have a department in your company that does not focus on a core functional nature then that department is ineffective and non-productive and will remain so till a rigid framework is defined.

Departments should never be multifunctional. There should always be just one core function, if you seek to guarantee efficiency and success.


Commerce, Trade or Business

A lot of people get confused about the merits of the differing terms of commerce, trade and business and use them interchangeably quite often, yet the three terms are entirely different.

Business is the overarching entity that holds within it commerce and trade.
Commerce is the buying and selling part alone. It’s an activity that can be performed not an entity that can be owned.
Trade is also the activity of buying and selling but it refers primarily to the exchange of high value and high quantity and mostly over long distances.
It is also an activity that can be performed not an entity that can be owned.

To own a business is to own an entity that has the capacity to conduct commerce or trade in goods and/or services.