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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Our Path


Our Path

We have a path, that follows in eternal light – a path of bliss, in heaven’s delight.

From a distant solitude that left me lone and gloomy – I sensed your presence, your embrace and your  fragrance looming – I followed and I followed and I followed through trecherous caverns, steep falls and valleys unknow that griped me in fears…

There came deamons to hold me down and angels fallen from their grace, there came people standing out of their living graves and yet your fragrance never deceived nor it ever faltered – When I would loose my step, your glance would not let me halter – Then came the times when I held you by your graceful locks of golden brown, black and streaked traces of silver – I glanced in your eyes and deep within your soul’s shelter – and just then, doors opened that seemed bolted upon eons or perhaps more – Apparent mountains that could never move…

Yet I was heartly invited and you graced my approach – We kept our faiths strong and so I treaded and walked a million miles in search of you my beloved.

Then one day, in the grace of HIS majesty, under the wings of faith – I finally praised you upon my sight’s embrace.
A bird called Parastoo they said rides the air through this meadow, this heavenly paradise.
They said angels gleam upon her regale her majesty and sweet sounds of Chopin, in splendor.

I asked one angel that looked upon this delightful sight – Can I be graced with her presence (i asked), her pardon, for I have waited and waited and waited so long…

Just then the angel leaned in my ear and whispered…
Sire… my lady awaits you – in utter impatience and delight – step on… she longs only for your sight.

I Love you my Life and Eternity
Happy Valentines

May GOD bless us even more.

Forever dedicated to: Roya Naser