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Charter of Morality

Please sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/charterofmorality


Google, Inc – CEO/ Chairman and Founders.

To remove all videos from YouTube that insult Abrahamic religions.

We the citizens of the world want Google, Inc to remove all videos from YouTube that insult, degrade, conduct satire in any form whatsoever upon the prophets, the revered figures and disciples of the prophets in all Abrahamic and Monotheistic religions of the world.

In addition we ask Google, Inc to create a ‘Charter of Morality’ for itself that dictates its behaviour in line with the sensitivities of its potential 7 billion user base.

Google, Inc with its many products has become an integral contributor to the world.
While on the one hand it empowers individuals to become informed and actionable citizens of the world, it has also initiated a major change in the social fabric on a global scale that now the company needs to stand up and take active responsibility for.

A significant and positive innovation brought about by Google, Inc and its founders now beacons them to take responsibility for a visible shift in global social behaviours.

Religions are beliefs and lack of religious belief is also a belief.
People’s beliefs and related sensitivities should be extremely important to a company that drives its success and growth off their support and appreciation.

We the citizens of the world compel Google, Inc and especially its founders, Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Brin to step up and act in creating an actionable ‘Charter of Morality’ for their company.
A charter that defines their role as a global entity in serving the needs of a better and peaceful world and one that does not contribute to its ills and exacerbate the fires of hate and disharmony within its diverse social makeup.

The old rationale for ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not fit into the makeup of an exponentially connected and intertwined global society supported and nurtured as a result of Google’s technologies. A society now composed of a diversity of interconnected views, overlapping many belief systems across many cultural and social differentials.

While Google, Inc stands to gain appreciation for their innovative role, they also shoulder the grave responsibility for managing the unique social dynamics that it has brought about the world over, and as a major benefactor is also directly responsible for any ills caused due to a lack of that responsibility on their part.

Refraining to take action in this matter in the stipulated manner – incriminates Google, Inc and its founders ‘Immoral’ in our eyes and we shall hold you liable for creating and progressing disharmony within the masses of the world.

Google, Inc and its founders can take direct action right now.
We the citizens of the world demand you to take responsibility and do your enormous part in bringing back social balance.

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Source: Google Company Overview

Prove that Google’s mission is to ensure peace in the process of serving its mission, because otherwise it does more harm to the world than it does good to it.

Citizens of the World


Please sign the petition here: http://bit.ly/charterofmorality


Update (26 September 2012)

A confidential feedback feature added to the petition: http://bit.ly/charterform


Update (21 September 2012)

CNN’s video shared.



Incentives and Operational Success

As we phase into this new era of mechanization and automation. The one thing that is loosing sight with business owners and corporate heads is the ‘Human Element’.
The innate capacity of people to rise up to challenges and/ or demonstrate their natural inclination to forsake others as they have been forsaken.
Incentives have a lot to do with businesses success or failure.

As you do, so you reap.

When the heads of business gradually loose sight of the needs of their workers, in time the workers loose sign of the business’ needs.
Yet most all business barons wonder what went wrong to take away that passion and zeal their workers once had, while they themselves are the ones contributing to that end.

The key is ‘Appreciation‘ and the best way that businesses can appreciate their workers is through meaningful incentive schemes.

Life has the same approach, each phase of our life offers challenges yet when meet their is always a pot of gold or rather a pot of happiness at the end.

Businesses need to see the rationale in this natural approach. Offer incentives to your sales people, incentives to your operational staff. Identify key deliverables that lie at each level of your organization and then create incentives to attract your people to deliver their best.

Be generous in helping them make their lives awesome and in turn they will act their best to make you and your organization win, win and win at every turn.

What goes around, simply comes around.