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The Worth of Words and the Worth of Actions!


Over the course of my life I have come across many incidents where the underlying cause of things being good or not so good was either the presence or lack of appreciation.

A few kind words of acknowledgement for the one you respect and in the presence of their friends that will drive more respect, appreciation and admiration to that person.

The observation that I have made is that some people lack or intentionally refrain from giving that kind of open appreciation.
I wanted to understand why!

The other day I had a chat with a near and dear friend about the topic and a point of view came to light. That, those who refrain from expressing appreciation or to thank in verbal terms are people who feel more comfortable expressing thanks in tangible terms like giving gifts in person. That they feel powerless if they verbally or openly acknowledge their gratitude and that it’s their own way.

That fact was enlightening for me, it goes to show a marked difference between people’s points of views and that when it comes to small things like showing gratitude or acknowledging faults. That some do not do it because they feel powerless doing it. Hummm

Now I would like to review this argument and understand to what extent this would be true.

The first question that comes to mind is…
What is appreciation or thank or gratitude?

Merriam-Webster defines in the following way:

1 a : judgment, evaluation; especially : a favorable critical estimate b : sensitive awareness; especially : recognition of aesthetic values c : an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude
2 : increase in value

The bottom line being an increase in their value through your judgement or evaluation.

The next question would be how words or actions create that increase in value for the other?

Let’s perceive a few scenarios and understand.

– I want to appreciate someone and I say – Thank You to them in private.

– I want to appreciate someone and I say – Thank You to them in the presence of friends or colleagues or public.

– I want to appreciate someone and I gift them in private.

– I want to appreciate someone and I gift them in the presence of friends or colleagues or public.

Two situations of verbal appreciation and two with acts of appreciation.
Which scenario will increase the one being appreciate, in value?

The impersonal one on one expressions or acts will increase the value of the relation between the two people alone.
The open expressions or acts will not only increase the value of the relationship between the two people but will also “empower” the position of the one being appreciated hence attracting more respect and admiration from those around as well.
An increase in their value as a result.

The idea behind appreciation is to promote goodwill, compassion, happiness and love.
Appreciation is one thing that is acknowledged by all. Despite personality differences, cultural differences, religious differences or national differences. A lack or abundance of it, is a critical measure of the level of happiness and well-being in our lives.

For those who find it difficult to openly appreciate in words or actions. It is important that they should overcome their lack. They may not realize but only this thing brews grief and animosity within those that would genuinely care for you, many times compelling them to back away or change directions and/or break ties. This applies to all social relationships may that be professional or personal.

The more you appreciate openly, (and of course Genuinely) the less insecure you will become, as this act does not make you powerless but rather it uplifts your personality, character and stature. It makes you more respectable and so in-turn, those around you will not heed to your call because you have power but because you command their sincere respect.

It’s the magic of Love.
Spread it around, do not hold back.


Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody is the most complex yet the most simplistic movie I have ever seen. It defines life and it’s most complex facets in a way that is simply fantastic.

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A vertical re-think in the long established law of the land can now be a major rescue vehicle for so many.

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We know all the benefits, but do we know the perils and the depth!

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Thanksgiving’s Going To Be Awkward For The Zuckerberg Family

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One of Zuck’s younger sisters, Arielle, is a junior product manager for Wildfire and will now presumably be employed by Google, which last year placed itself in direct competition with Facebook when it launched social network Google+.

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