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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Our brains and a simple story of history!


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Grid Level Battery

Invention of a Grid Level Battery.

YOU will Wake Up

Time is a very unique thing.

Matter, Energy, Rotation, Cycles, Empty Spaces, Light and Darkness.
Time is a product of these enigmas.
Time can be stillness in the waves of movement. Emptiness in the presence of a multitude and Light in the depths of Darkness.
Time is the most fascinating creation of God.

All our lives are individually encapsulated by this wonder.
We find ourselves in a sense of togetherness one instance and in a deep sense of isolation at another.
A moment finds us rejoicing victory and the next finds us wondering what that victory meant or what it was for.

Some of us cage themselves in pleasurable moments, putting our resources and our gains to keep winding that spiral wheel like a toy trying to hold on to something we treasured and lost and some of use simply journey from one experience to another without ever looking back to see what was lost or gained to only repent later as we are forced forward.

Few among us ponder and ever fewer help others ponder to realize what each moment means. What value it holds for us and what gains we can create for those around us and for our selves.

I feel that I need to silently help others find value in their moments and to create and recreate more value for those around them.
After all what is the purpose of life.
We started at one time and we end at one. What’s left in the middle is what we call Life!

Now if we should spend that distance of time standing and staring at the ground or peaking into other’s lives… How wholesome can be our own experiences?

So I say … Find perspectives in each moment of time you experience for yourselves, to make it wholesome and complete.
Look to the stars, to the moon, to the sky and to the ground below too… See people and animals and plants and seas. Experience oceans, lakes and falls.
Take leaps of faith and risk to drive the moments forward and to own the ones that should be stood up to… for time moves quick and changes your life as it steps forward. If you do not claim a moment you love, it could be lost to time.

Gather Faith and Faith and only Faith to make your journey fulfilling and happy.
For very soon, quite soon …
YOU will Wake Up!