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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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LIFE – Stations & Destinations

The moment calls for some profound contemplation!

Life is an amazing creation. A mix of matter, energy and time… all connected to the eternal WILL!
Life is quite simple actually… consider the following:

Imagine life to be like a collection of moments… when you are standing at the train station, waiting for your train to come…
Will it come on time, will it be spaced easy for you to sit and enjoy in, will you get good company right beside you, will you reach on your expected time… who is right beside you, while you wait for it to come, who is looking at you with a thought in their mind about you, who is contemplating this point in time for you… Oh so the train comes… you drop something when you are about to board, someone snubs at you… someone else helps pick up your bag quick, you sit in and find that an old man is sitting right beside you, the train departs with a delay, some idiot kid farts in the cabin, best… when you reach the station… cabs are all gone!


When you stand idle thinking about the train to come, it comes… you drop something and someone catches it in time, when you sit you realize that a fine lady is sitting beside you… and she says Hi!…. You feel the weight of the delay you are experiencing to your flight from the next station and right then someone says… good the flight will take another 30 min and you are relieved, the weather is just fine outside and when you think to say hi to your dearest one, she messages with a smile… 🙂

Moments… all moments. Wrapped in either a foil of happiness or sadness.

All is takes is faith mixed with persistence to imagine and be willful… and the magic happens. Like when yellow mixes with blue to create green! It’s just that simple… there is magic around you… feel it!

It is what will make you successful… and make you happy.