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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Daman mai Meray [In my Embrace]

Nazaara-e-Khauf main aap khud ulfat kay taray aa kar bikhrain hain, daman mai meray
{ In the midst of fear, the stars of passion have willfully come and fallen in my embrace }

Jabeen jal afroz hai, dilkash nazaray aap khud aa kar nikhrain hain, daman mai meray
{ My head is endowed with blissfull dew, for wondrous visions have willfully come and bloomed in my embrace } 

Tera husna-e-jamal, aur husn-e-shahanai – dilafroz hai aik zamanay bhar kay liyay
{ Your beautiful demeanor and your glorious regale is heartfelt for the whole of humanity } 

Teri yadon kay meethay saayee aap khud aa kar nikhrain hain, daman mai meray
{ Fragments of your sweet memories have willfully come and bloomed in my embrace }

Sama-e-Shaukh kay unwanon main chupi hai haqueeqat meray us haseen dost ki
{ The secret of my most beautiful friend lies in the parables of the pages of desire } 

Jabeen jis ki munawar, kashish aankhoom main, aur ailk haseen shooukh ki see jiski
{ One whos head is auric and haloed, eyes mystified and smile endowed with pleasures unknown }

Hai jis ka dil purnoon mauhabat ki haseen jheel pay chand kay methay sayee kay jasay
{ One whos heart is luminescent with the sweet-scented lunar shade upon the lake of pure passion } 

Teri ulfat kay methay sayee, aap khud aa kar bikhrain hain daman main meray
{ The shades of your sweet love have willfully come and dispersed in my embrace } 

Meray doost – zara to jhank appni shakhsiat kay pehlooyn may faqat – kabhee
{ Wonder and ponder a little upon your personality’s folds – My dearest friend }

Teri rooh kay tootay sitaray aap khud aa kay simntain hain daman say meray
{ Your wounded soul’s broken shimmers have willfully come and clung on to my embrace } 

Main usi Um-e-shaukh kay haseen kirdaroon ka talib hoon faqat
{ I am only eager and in awe of the sight of that beautiful apsara } 

Taranum jis ki zeenat, ulfat jis ka husan aur zouq apsaroon kay jaisa
{ One who has melody as demeanor, passion as beauty and choices of the ancient fairies of far } 

Khuda ka noor hai dil ki rutoon main – mai aur meray doost mil kar
{ The love of GOD lies in our hearts together as one } 

Khuda janee, kya khabar hai kab yeh dilrang nazaray aa kar nikhrain gain daman main meray
{ Who knows when GOD will will these visions to come and willfully bloom in my embrace }

Kab banay gi haqeeqat meray is zaath ki zeenat, meri yeh haseen soonch
{ When this beautiful thought will form unto its beautiful truth } 

Dua hai ab to – kay app khudh miljayeen meray dilrang sitaray daman say teray
{ I pray, that my stars may now come and willfully fall in your sweet embrace }

Dedicated to Um
Written:  2 March ~ 11 May 2011

© 2011. Mir Moiz