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Our Troubled Businesses



Understanding – Business Process Re-Engineering


Scan Water

This is a large scale distribution model for water purification.
It can be leveraged better as a more sustainable and viable alternative to traditional methods.

A good option to look into.



Zamana bazgasht main hai
kay hai meri dunya ajeeb se,

Yeh banda hai to bashar par reet-e-zindigi ajeeb se,
Kya isay gham hai kisi mahubat ka ya yeh ghafil hai mahubat kay jam say,

Rehta to hai dunya main yeh par dil main umeed khain aur ki se,

Zamanay bhar main hai is ka charcha, har shaks hota hai girvida is ki shanakht say,

Par yeh chalta nahin zamanay ki reet pay karta nahin faryad kabhi bhee,

Meri aqual aari hai is shaks ko samajhnay say ai mir – yeh banda bashar hai ya koi aur,
par meri dua aik azeez he ki se…

Ai Allah day day rahe-e-dunya main isay khushian jamal ki se,
Jo gham hai wo ghul jai na rahe koi khwaish adhoori se,
Jo hai aarzo taman ki wo mil jai dilal-e-be-taman ko,

Dunya ki raunaqoon main na khoi wo chain ko,

Miti banay sona aur aik nai subhay ho… lab-e-kausar kay nam ki

Written: 6 Oct 2010 (9:00pm)

© 2010. Mir Moiz 

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