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Pyas Bujhao | Clean drinking water for Pakistan flood victims using Life Saver Systems


To all who have been bestowed with the riches of ALLAH (GOD).
Do not wait to realize that you are being tested right now… the time of trials and tribulation on the people affected by the devastating floods of Pakistan is your chance to rid yourself of sins accumulated in your time to claim a better life for yourself.

GOD is trying you and is giving you a chance to mend your ways.

What we offer here is not a typical aid campaign but a solid – grounded – intelligent and practical solution to the rising misery for the 16 million displaced in the floods… for whom you will be responsible due to your inaction!

As you do, so you reap! What goes around, comes around… so beware – Its only a matter of time.

Take part in a chance to mend lives – life will not throw these chances to you when you’d wish for them. Wake Up.

———| Inventor: Michael Pritchard

Life Saver System has a revolutionary product that can solve world’s water problems caused due to unavailability of clean drinking water sources.

Michael Pritchard has invented an advanced filtration system that is cost-effective, simple and practical. It filters diseased, dirty water to clean and clear pure life without any gimmics.

Its 15 nm membrane, filters our the tiniest foreign element in water i.e. a virus at a size of 25nm due to which it can separate clean and clear water from filthy and diseased water sources.

See his convincing video on TED (See the movie)

Life Saver Jerry Cans can process 10,000 and 20,000 liters for a medium family for nearly 4 years and at this time is the best bet for clean and healthy water for the flood victims in Pakistan.

You can help if you CHOOSE to… if you desire to become a part of this history when the trials of some define the destiny of those in authority, capacity and might. ACT NOW!

Michael has 500 Jerry Cans ready to leave for Pakistan, if you choose to act up.

Contact me now, to donate as best as possible in your own unique capacities.
Seize this moment to cleanse yourself inside out and define your place in time:


Mir Moiz

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