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Life is meaningful, only when one wishes to make it. We are creatures of time and we’ll wither away in it. The little moments of joy we find and create are all that will live with us.

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Since 1950’s its become a very changed world!

My father preached of the many great things a man could do, how he could surmount mountains in life – of pain in growth and adversity… yet in thinking to myself about the state of change since then, I could never understand the different challenges life threw… so I started to look above from an altitude on all things and ask myself the big question WHY?… and that is when it all shined on me that, in life all things are connected… every action that I do can strike a cord or cast a wound.

The following is not a movie about the state of the climate change… its a story or life and how we all as people connect in it.

It is a story of how difference can be made and how magic can be brought about by the collective actions of a few for the better or worse.

ALLAH (GOD) has given us (Mankind) only two things to understand who we are and why we are here i.e.
1.Time and 2.Choice

This is a MUST, MUST, MUST watch!

Click on the image or  watch here



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