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RESPECT – Fair Trade Sports | A respectful venture.

Now thats called Fair Trade!

A Microsoft (MSFT) veteran, James calls his 10-person Fair Trade Sports “a blatant rip-off of Newman’s Own,” the successful food company that he modeled his company after, including its model to donate 100% of after-tax profits to charity. The $300,000 company started in the fall of 2006, as a maker of fair trade soccer balls for the North American market. The balls are made in Pakistan using the labor of several hundred people who are paid fair wages and belong to an adult union. The rubber used in the balls is sourced from manufacturers whose workers are also paid fair wages in India and Sri Lanka… (Abstract from Bloomberg Businessweek)

Listen to what he has to say…

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  fairtradesports wrote @

Sir, greetings from Seattle. You honor me with inclusion on your blog; thank you.

I also appreciate the respect you give your father on your blog. I feel the same way about mine. He recently retired from his career and is now teaching business students at university and advising Fair Trade Sports on business development.

– Scott James

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