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Archive for January, 2010

Welcome to the Future – Apple iPad

I love this guy … what a visionary and genuine innovator. Bravo Steve J.

Welcome to the future and get a glimpse of this revolutionary new way of computing.

Only as I begin to realize the change this new wave of computing is starting to bring to the world now and in this age of the “Clouds” – I can not help but imagine episodes of Star Treck Enterprise and Deep Space 9 peaking into our current day reality … ‘A brave new world’ it is 🙂

Get a glimpse of the true tablet – Apple iPad


On the path of Excellence.

Finally I rest my wits to find some solace in the fact that someone has started to show a shine.
Uff what an effort! But seems it was well worth it!

Here is to the BrilliantFairy … welcome to the blogging world deary 🙂

Catch a glimpse of this fine piece of intelligence…  SidEeen

– M