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Omnisio – A great Idea!

Google has a nasty habbit of grabbing great ventures.

Yet again they mark their pastures.



Kelly’s 14 Rules

Lockheed Martin is one of the top companies in the World.

We often wonder why great companies become great?
Well! It is great leaders who practice other great leader’s great ideas.

The following summarizes the major ‘success factors’ associated with great companies, lead by great leaders to Greatness.



How the Telephone System Works – A chirpy description.

If you ever wanted to know how the telephone system works, in a short 1 minute way ?

Here you go.


PC Conference Microphone Speaker

This dandy device is a great for guys on the go with meetings to manage.

These days when people juggle so much over the phone, this is a handy tool to make the talking a little easier.

Web Link


STOP Badware – Report it here.


Great place to go and do something about the BAD sites.


iPhone 3G

Apple strikes again with a new 3G version of the iPhone.

Primarily a lot of software upgrades are said to have created a better user experience.

Apple iPhone 3G

Einstein’s Legacy: Inside the Quest for Gravity Waves

Source: WIRED | Article